Perspex Partitions
Perspex Partitions
Perspex Partitions
Perspex Partitions
Perspex Partitions
Perspex Partitions

Perspex Partitions

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Perspex partitions are a great way to allow extra light to your space while still reducing noise and giving the effect of an open plan office space. The non porous surface of the Perspex and the powder coated aluminium extrusions allow for continual disinfecting and sanitising without damaging the screen or effecting visibility through it.

It is extremely important for restaurant owners, shop operators, supermarkets or anyone who run a business where close contact could occur to protect themselves as well as their customers. While social distancing helps to slow down the spread, it is crucial to take extra precautions when it comes to interacting with customers and staff, perspex partitions are the perfect solution. These types of partitions are lightweight, impact resistant, inexpensive, flexible and a versatile substitute for heavy and inflexible glass.

  • Custom made in Melbourne for your own requirements
  • 3mm thick Perspex in clear or frosted at 300mm, 450mm or 600mm high
  • Aluminium Frame colours: Black, Grey or White
  • Steel, Adjustable or Mobile Feet

We can exclusively offer you our latest office partitions to help you combat the spread of Flu or just the common cold.
These Perspex and Vinyl Partitions are able to be disinfected and reduce the risk of retaining germs which can last for days.
These partitions are useful for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Eatery’s, Lunchrooms, Offices, Schools, Workshops, Hospital Wards even Nurses Stations, Doctors Rooms and Examination Halls. The possibilities are endless.

Please call / email us with following information:

Size of the partion: Height x Width

Size of Solid portion on Bottom in mm

Color of the solid portion

Frame Color: White or Black

Each portion will be supplied with 2 metal feet

$85 Delivery charge applies to Metro area, ground floor.