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The RockStick Mouse is an ambidextrous device that has been designed to use the entire hand to click, rather than just the fingers. This reduces strain on fingers, wrists and forearms.

  • The concave depression on the thumb side of the mouse combined with the downward slope towards the mouse towards the fifth finger positions the hand at a 60° angle off the horizontal, which is a more natural position for your wrist and forearm
  • The unique design of the Rockstick mouse allows users to click by utilizing the strength of the entire hand instead of fingers alone
  • The slanted semi-fist shape of the handle design allows gravitational force on the hand to be employed to provide the majority of the control required to precisely move the mouse
  • The ambidextrous design of the Rockstick 2 mouse allows users to operate by either the right or left hand. This feature enables users to work balance throughout the day by distributing the repetitive actions of mousing to both hands, thereby providing rest periods for both hands
  • Suitable for hands that measure across the palm 70mm – 95mm
  • Scroll wheel
  • Plug & Play