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Top 10 Best Ergonomic Keyboards and Accessories Reviews for 2020

(Get ergonomic keyboards and accessories to improve productivity as well as your general health every time you are on your computer.)

We spend a good amount of our time on computers, right? Those typing, gaming, or coding would prefer a flawless way of achieving results. Comfort, health, and productivity are the topmost priorities while choosing your keyboard. That’s why we choose ergonomics.

An ergonomic keyboard is designed to reduce the pain and strain that comes when working on your projects. It’s a direct opposite of a typical keyboard that causes discomfort and also requires adjustment every time you use the keyboard.

Modern users are fast adapting to new inventions that guarantee comfort, improved speeds, and affordability. While investing in the ergonomic keyboard, also remember that there are additional accessories that support your keyboard through angle adjustment hence improving your wrist and arm position.

In this writeup, we share with you the 10 best ergonomic keyboards and accessories that will improve your productivity and take that pressure off your joints. This is after lengthy research and comparisons with what is available on the market. Follow through and choose the one that meets your requirements.

1.ERGO KEYBOARD TIGHT WL: A lightweight wireless Ergonomic keyboard

If you look at the ERGO KEYBOARD TIGHT WL, you will love it at first sight. All the dial keys are clear and well-spaced. This means your typing or other uses will find the correct surface for results.

This is a wireless keyboard, and that means you won’t have to stretch reaching your computer or PC. It offers you the required distance from your computer while typing. It’s a dream keyboard for those who hate wires and cables that easily disrupt the flow while using the keyboard. Just connect it to your computer using a USB dongle, and you are ready to go.

Recharge the keyboard easily using the removable USB cable and use the power for extended periods. 

We liked the low profile keyboard the dimensions (width: 303mm, Depth: 150mm, Front Height: 5mm, Rear Height: 10mm), which allows you to accomplish tasks for extended hours without feeling the strain.  


  • Wireless operation eliminates bulk
  • Low profile design for comfort
  • Long battery life
  • Best quality and very durable 
  • Lightweight for easy carrying


  • The keyboard is costly
  • Doesn’t have the separate numb pad

Overall, this is a quality keyboard that works with all the Window types. You will like the way it gets you results without straining.

2.ERGO KEYBOARD TIGHT WL&NUM PAD: Locate the numbers easily

If you like using the num pad, then the suitable keyboard is ERGO KEYBOARD TIGHT WL&NUM PAD. The type adds up as a sizeable and lightweight model allowing you to use it for extended hours without straining your lap. Besides, its portability becomes easy.

The Num Pad can either work on the left side of the Keyboard or the right side. This makes it suitable for left-handed as well as right-handed individuals. The white digits and numbers on the keyboard are clear for you to type comfortably and get the correct words without repeated corrections.

The wireless keyboard and the wireless numeric pad both feature a low profile design so that they lie stable on your working table as you punch in for excellent outcomes. The design also contours well with your body design so that you don’t overstretch any part of your body.

Lastly, both the keyboard and the numeric pad connect to your computer via one USB dongle receiver.


  • The keyboard and numeric pad link through the tether 
  • One dongle receiver works for both the pad and board
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Wireless and less bulky
  • The numeric pad can work either on the left or right-hand sides of the keyboard


  • Not suitable for those who love to minimize their workstation space

Overall, the model works well for those who prefer a separate keyboard and numeric pad. We highly recommend it for anyone who wants to work with efficiency.


Typing for long hours requires a great keyboard. However, if you want to feel a strain-free typing even after long hours, you require arm support. Arm support is suitable since it eliminates the movements that come automatically due to strain.

The Contour ArmSupport Red is one of the newest arms supports on the market. It has been crafted with an ergonomic design so that your arms can rest well while you type or code. This results in a comfortable experience hence an improved working pace.

The design extends well so that your entire back of the arm can rest on the support without extending past the support. It, therefore, aligns your upper body correctly when typing and using the roller mouse.


  • Made from quality materials for durability
  • Wide enough to cover the entire base of the arm
  • Align well with the body and prevents shoulder handing
  • Takes your typing comfort to a whole new level


  • The prize is too high even though the support is super comfy

Overall, the support works perfectly if you have projects that take long hours. Besides, it is excellent for anyone who has had an arm or shoulder injury before.

4.ERGO KEYBOARD CONTOUR BALANCE: Lightweight keyboard for easy portability

If you have previously used the award-winning Roller Mouse family, then this is the keyboard you need for 100% output. From the design to the general appearance, you will feel comfortable when the keyboard is in front of your computer and providing the right balance for typing.

Once you hold on the right keys, you are sure that all other keys will be easy to access and key to the functions you want. The numerics and digits on the keyboard are clear so that you get the right outcomes while typing.

It’s also a lightweight type that will be great when you want to move from one working station to the other. Just lift it and walk stress-free to your next location.

When you get this keyboard, unlike other models, this one keeps your hands close to the action where you can reach both the roller bar and keyboard keys easily.


  • A lovely design for use
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Keyboard keys are clear
  • Well designed to keep hands close to the keyboard


  • Takes more space since the numeric keypad is permanent

Overall, this is one of the best keyboards on the market with a low profile, compact and good looking for you to enjoy working on your projects.

5.ERGO KEYBOARD KINESIS 20CM SEPARATION: Stretch your working space

Do you desire more comfort mixed with a unique design? Well, you need the Ergo Keyboard Kinesis 20cm Separation. This is the only keyboard with zero slopes from the front to the back. The low profile design allows you to type for extended hours without feeling the strain that comes with low-quality keyboards.

The keyboard separates and adjusts through 2-20 cm. You have the freedom to extend it within the limits so that your typing can be easy and comfortable. The tether between the keyboard is flexible, and this means you will separate the keyboard into two so that your work can become even attractive also easy to accomplish.

Other than the clear keys on this keyboard to make your typing enjoyable, the available keys are a tactile and low force. Working with them has never been this easy and enjoyable.


  • The tether that separates the keyboard if the need comes
  • The 2-20 cm adjustment of the separated boars
  • Low profile for comfort 
  • Easy plug and play
  • Long battery life


  • The split type will not please everyone
  • If not carefully handled, it will suffer from connection issues

Overall, this is a keyboard that will give your arms enough stretch so that you can work on an open table more comfortable and relaxed — That’s why its stretch of 2-20cm works correctly.

6.ERGO KEYBOARD EVOLUENT W: A compact Keyboard

EKB has features that will improve the general functionality of the keyboard, making your work stress free. The design is a space saver since the numeric keypad isn't available.

One thing that sets the keyboard above the competitors is the F1-F12, PgUp, and PgDn keys. They are full size while the competitors have small-sized keys.

The 10 plus hotkeys available simplifies the process of working through your short cuts. Just click once, and the command works for you. The keys are accessed with one function and not like others that need an extra key. This saves a lot of your time?


  • Flatback edge to keep your arms comfortable
  • Compact design to save space
  • One-touch hotkeys for time-saving


  • The keyboard won't be great for those who desire space while typing

Overall, the cost is affordable and hence a keyboard for everyday use. Since it is a wired model, the connection is reliable throughout.

7.ERGO KEYBOARD EVOLUENT WL: Comes with wireless operation

If you love moving with tech, then this is a keyboard that will meet your requirements. The wireless operation means that you will never struggle worrying about cables and additional wires in your house. It works perfectly through the connecting dongle.

Just like the wired type, this model also utilizes the one-touch hotkeys to effect the changes you want on your document. At no time will you face additional functions that require you to hold several keys for a function.

This wireless model is a space-saving unit with a compact design so that you can enjoy working with it on your small table.

The keyboard lies flat on the table, allowing your hands to feel comfortable when in use. No instances of strain and hurting your arms. This means improved productivity.


  •  Wireless and hence efficient
  • Compact and space-saving
  • The hotkeys are functional and work with one-touch
  • Fantastic design for your smooth working


  • Connectivity issues if the wireless develop problems

Overall, this is a dream keyboard for those who value a compact wireless keyboard. It has the features that never compromise on functionality.


If you have a keyboard without a numeric pad, then you need this incredible addition. The ERGO FREESTYLE 2 NUMERIC PAD will fit on either side of the keyboard, creating an advantage for every user. In fact, the time you want an extended keyboard, then the keyboard will solve the issue for you. Sometimes it's challenging to use the numbers on the main keyboard, hence the need to have the keypad.

It comes with 2 USB port hub which is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Sun & Linux. This makes it a multipurpose keypad for your computer.


  • It has the plug and play functionality
  • Works on either side of your computer keyboard
  • Connects well with the 2 USB ports
  • Available hotkeys work greatly


  • Not suitable for those who have a small working table and need to save space

Overall, the design favours both the left and right-handed individuals. It connects easily via the USB ports available for easy functionality. If you have it as an addition to your keyboard, then you are set.


Are you looking for an additional accessory to your keyboard? This numeric keypad works wonders. It's a wired type and will have no connection issues. Once you plug in your keyboard, it works instantly.

The lightweight and low profile design give it an edge over the competitors in the market. Its small size also saves your space and allows you to have enough working space.


  • Very affordable
  • Connected to the computer via USB cord
  • Lightweight design


  • Not suitable for those who prefer wireless

Overall, this compact keypad works well with a different compatible keyboard. The keys are correctly spaced to improve functionality.


If you know the efficiency that comes with wireless technology, then this pad will work for you. It's a sizable type with amazing numerical to complement your keyboard. Once you connect the dongle on your computer, the keypad works flawlessly.

It's a lightweight type with a low profile design so that you can carry it anywhere and use it on a flat table with ease. 

The battery once charged lasts you for more extended periods. Besides., it takes a shorter time to charge, and you are ready to use it.


  • Wireless operation 
  • Compact design for space-saving
  • Lightweight type 
  • Low profile design


  • Costly

Overall, the wireless operation allows you to use it even if you are away from your computer. It is small and compact so that it doesn't take much of your space.


Finally, the list above gives you access to the best ergonomic keyboards and accessories on the market. The prices are fair when compared to the functionality. If you are ready to improve your output using an excellent keyboard, then the top ten ergonomic keyboards and accessories will work for you. If you have questions, feel free to reach out as we will respond and help you further.

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