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10 best Ergonomic Keyboards and Accessories for 2020

What is your preference when buying a keyboard? Is it lighting, great media controls, additional accessories, quality or connectivity options? Whatever your choice is, the final objective is to get a keyboard that serves your purpose.

Well, investing in a quality keyboard makes a huge difference in your computing life. Whether you are a writer, editor, gamer or a computer wizard, you need an all-day pain-free touch on your keyboard.

In this write-up, we understand the challenges that come with selecting the right keyboard for your task. That’s why we have chosen the 10 best Ergonomic Keyboards and Accessories for 2020. 

The additional accessories are there to position your keyboard for comfortability. This is what sets the keyboard above the standard keyboard. Let’s jump through the review and see what each keyboard and accessories have for you.


The Ergo Keyboard Tight Wired is one of the few keyboards that we handpicked because of its comfort. The rectangular design with a flat base lies low on your typing surface, allowing you to locate all the letters and numbers with ease.

The low profile design also makes your keyboard to look better than the standard types such that you don’t strain while smashing those keys. Besides, you will carry it everywhere since it’s a lightweight type. If you type frequently, then this is the ideal keyboard for your work.

The type connects to your computer via USB. This means that you can plug it off once you are done typing and store it safely. Additionally, you will not experience the challenges such as poor connection that come with the wireless types.

Lastly, this is a quality keyboard with absolute numbers and letters so that you can have an easy time using the keys. The plastic used when crafting the keyboard is also fantastic and will last you for ages.


  • Low profile design hence comfortable to use
  • Utilizes the USB connection to transfer data fast
  • Lightweight model
  • Made from quality plastic for durability
  • Flat base for stability


  • As much as the plastic used is the best quality, it will wear out as time goes by


Another ergonomically designed keyboard is the Ergo Keyboard Tight Combo W. It’s among the few keyboards that come with a numeric pad combo. You will, therefore, benefit from the keypad without losing the numeric benefits.

This keyboard gives you the option to choose whether you need the numeric keypad alongside you or if it can remain as you enjoy the ease that comes with carrying the keyboard alone. You can also choose to place the keypad on either side of the keyboard as long as you feel comfortable.

Both the keyboard and the keypad have separate wiring making it easy to use them and store with ease. When it comes to connecting, the numeric pad connects easily to the keyboard while the keyboard connects to your computer for use.

Additionally, there is a tether included which allows you to connect the numeric part on either side of the keyboard if it’s necessary.

The low profile design of your keyboard and keypad is something you will still love. It lies correctly on your surface so that the typing becomes easy and faster.


  • The keyboard comes with a separate numeric pad
  • Connects to computer via USB
  • Low profile design
  • Choose to tether to the numeric keypad


  • The numeric keypad is great but might be unnecessary since the numerics are on the keyboard.


A keyboard is more comfortable if it features an accessory that offers support from different angles. By elevating your keyboard, you will find different ways to get comfortable when typing. This improves your blood flow and comfort by relaxing every moving part while typing.

The ERGO ACCESSORY KINESIS AC740 works perfectly with the Freestyle2 keyboard. It attaches to the underside of the keying modules. There is also a linking plate designed to connect two keying modules. While using this accessory, you might have varying tenting angles so that you can receive the comfort you need for every part of this accessory.

You can tent it between 20 to 90 degrees with an increment of 10 degrees between each angle. Choose the angle of tenting that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can become even more productive over long hours of typing.


  • The accessories tents through different angles between 20-90- degrees
  • Made from quality materials for durability
  • Has linking plates to connect two keying modules


  •  The keyboard used with the accessory is purchased separately


Users with different body types will benefit significantly from the Ergo Keyboard Kinesis 50cm Separation. This is because the separate keyboard will stretch through 50 cm, allowing you to widen your arms comfortably while typing.

There is also a flexible tether between the two sides of the keyboard for connecting and separating when you want to use the keyboard.

For those who prefer a more luxurious keyboard, then this is a suitable match for you. It has a low profile design with zero degree slope so that it can lie flat on the working surface.

You will also love the keys which are tangible such that with a low force on the key, the responsiveness is impressive. 

Ten hotkeys available allow you to gte the shortcut function you need with ease. All these functions are made functional with the plug and play USB option in this keyboard.


  • Low profile design with zero degree slope offers an amazing typing angle
  • The USB connection allows the transfer of information to the computer
  • Hotkeys available
  • Comes from quality materials and could last forever


  • The connecting cable can get damaged easily
  • Expensive 



    A Freestyle 2 keyboard is always comfortable. However, you need optional palm supports for added comfort. The ERGO ACCESSORY FREESTYLE 2 PALM SUPPORTS AC806PS are the palm support that will suit your purpose.

    They attach to your keyboard correctly reducing the wrist extension. This makes your palms comfortable when typing. Additional comfort comes with the set of replaceable palm pads.

    The palm supports comes from quality materials; hence will serve you for ages. Even though they aren’t compatible with the V3 accessories, they will still serve the purpose of preventing your arms from strain during the typing.


    • Made from quality materials for durability
    • Attaches to your compatible keyboard correctly
    • Lightweight type
    • Replaceable


    • The keyboard is purchased separately
    • Not compatible with V3 accessory


    If you have that keyboard and looking for some added comfort, then the correct supports are the Ergo Accessory Kinesis Fs Vip3. The model beats the rest since it features a small angle of displacement. i.e. the slope settings are 5, 10 and 15 degrees.

    When you have the correct angle set for the left and right V-lifters, you will find the slope easy to adjust the angle. This positions your forearms and wrists in a comfortable position which reduces the strain. Besides, the integrated padded palm supports also play a key role by ensuring your wrists are neutral when in a resting position.

    Once you set the angle in the correct position, the outcome is always a stable typing platform that allows no bounce.


    • High-quality construction for durability
    • slope settings of 5, 10 and 15 degrees for quick set up
    • Position arms comfortably


    • If you have the original Freestyle Solo keyboard, then it’s not compatible
    • Keyboard sold separately


    If you own a Freestyle2 Keyboard, then an accessory you need is the ERGO ACCESSORY KINESIS FS V3. This works similarly to VIP3 only that the palm support is not compatible with this support.

    Once you attach this accessory to the base of the Freestyle2 Keyboard, you will quickly get through slope settings of 5, 10 and 15 degrees. This brings in the comfort to your arms when typing such that you will never feel the pain and strain that comes with other standard support.

    The angles position your forearms and wrists in a more comfortable position. In the end, you will reduce pronation.

    This model will provide you with a highly stable typing platform without the bounce effect.


    • Very stable for restful typing
    • Used with or without the tither or pivot
    • The slope of the keyboard from 5, 10 & 15 degrees offers an excellent angle for comfort


    • You will buy the keyboard separately
    • Not compatible with palm supports


    One of the professional-grade ergonomic keyboards that have been handcrafting for the last 25 years is the Kinesis. This is not like other keyboards on the market. Right from the design, you will feel the comfort even before you decide to use it. 

    The kinesis has had time testing and proven to address significant issues that are associated with keyboards. That’s why the keyboard creates maximum comfort for every user.

    The split key wells have been contoured with your body so that it delivers comfort and reduces the chances of ulna deviation.

    There is tenting as well as concave key wells. Tenting lifts your thumps a little higher so that the forearm pronation reduces while the concave keys support your arms and fingers in a natural way and a relaxed position. In the end, you will minimize overextension that results in an extended typing on the keyboard.


    • The keyboard is stylish
    • The design has over 25 years of crafting
    • Concave key wells support finders and arms naturally
    • Tenting lifts thumps for proper typing
    • Balances the strain on weaker thumps to the stronger thumps


    • Very expensive but has quality and functionality


    Are you feeling like overstretching while reaching your mouse? A suitable solution is the ERGO KEYBOARD EVOLENT. It’s among the few quality keyboards with a left-hand numeric pad.

    The positioning of the numeric pad creates enough space for you to move the mouse as it’s closer to the right side of the keyboard. This makes the punting into the keyboard easier since the arm is now in a relaxed position.

    This keyboard features a great design so that you don’t strain while using it. Since the numerical are all located on the same keyboard, you will find it easy carrying it with you, unlike the models that are separate or have a separate numeric pad.


    • Left-hand numeric pad leaves space on the right for mouse
    • Fantastic design that allows you to reach all the keys easily
    • Durable construction


    • Costly keyboard
    • Uncomfortable for those used to the right-hand numeric keypad


    Now that you have the full information about the best keyboards and accessories on the market. We believe you can make a buying decision with ease. Remember, our selection comprised of the top and best keyboards and selected accessories. You will, therefore, have an easy time using the best quality keyboards. 

    As much as all the keyboards and accessories offer the best, the ERGO KEYBOARD KINESIS ANDVANT2 stood out, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality keyboard with the right ergonomics.

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